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Database and Technology Services


An essential component of our financial advisory work is our in-house capabilities for data acquisition, management and analysis.  Successful litigation support is dependent on a robust database and effective tools for search and analysis.  Our unique blend of IT, business and financial expertise allows us to minimize cost and add value at each stage of database creation, management and use.

Document Collection and Preparation

Our extensive bankruptcy experience have given us a deep understanding of the challenges of acquiring, categorizing and analyzing data from debtor companies.  These include unresponsive document productions, multiple versions of key documents, mislabeled documents and data residing in legacy systems that use out of date technology. We are able to quickly integrate legacy data systems, box files and digital communications into searchable and organizable databases. Few other financial firms have this capability and we regularly host and manage partner companies’ databases.

Document Database Hosting

Our databases and research tools are hosted on a platform that provides secure access on a global basis as needed.  We are able to work anywhere and to share and collaborate with other partners on the case, which saves time and cost. We do not rely on outside consultants for any element of our technology platform and perform our coding in-house. 

Collaborative Research Tools

We have the ability to develop custom programming for extraction, analysis and reporting as needed.  These tools are particularly important when production data contains detailed transaction lists or data extracted from legacy systems. Our familiarity with both finance and technology allow us to use sophisticated algorithms that include, but are not limited, to proximity and “fuzzy” search, which uses Soundex technology to capture words that are misspelled.


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